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Behind the Lens

I'm Melissa, Co-Owner,

Director of Photography

MKC_5789 2.jpg

Photography to me is being able to freeze time in a moment you want to remember forever. Growing up my mother always had one of those disposable film cameras in hand. She took countless photos of every moment in our lives and now I have the privilege of being able to look through those images and remember the amazing time I've had growing up. Having this opportunity has taught me that every moment is to be cherished and that photography is what I want to pursue. Being able to attend New Hampshire Institute of Art has helped my mind expand on creativity. Starting off at the very beginning and learning Film photography and the darkroom process all the way up to learning how to start our own business. Four years later I graduated college with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography.

My passion for Photography has grown with every shoot I do, whether its a Wedding or a family portrait session. My style of photography is to capture the little moments which develop your story. My images are honest, intimate and original.

My Favorite thing to capture is the second after my couples pull away from their first kiss. That right there is the most genuine smile and the purest, happiest moment.

When I'm not holding a camera...

 You can find me coaching Special Olympics , spending time with my family, in my art studio, Kayaking, or up in Maine. 


Other interests of mine are...

-Gardening/ Homesteading

-Cooking/ Baking 


-Drawing/ Painting

- Hanging out with all of my Feather and Furr Children  (I do have                    three Bunnies, two Cats & two Chickens!  #futurefarmer ) 

-Shopping! (current Favorites, Marshalls/ Homegoods & Target) 


Fun Facts about me...

My Goal is to have a Farm someday with a lot of land! 

I am TERRIBLE at making Jokes - so when I do laugh anyways! 

In college, I set off the smoke alarms in the dorms & The entire industrial plaza next to us trying to melt chocolate in a microwave..

I have a slight obsession with the Bulleyes playground at Target- but not as bad as some people!

I buy way to much craft supplies, wrapping paper, blankets & mugs ...

                      YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TO MANY MUGS! 

Ive only ripped my pants once at a wedding 

I set our stove on fire and tried putting it out with a pan...because thats how the movies do it.

(FYI its all a lie, it doesnt work!) 

I cry at everything, I'm emotional. I will cry at movies, TV shows, Watching military coming home videos & when my pets do something cute! 

            I will most likely be cry during your vows, your first dance, your toasts, your parents dances and probably during the last song of the night! 

I Try to adopt any animal that I meet

Christmas is my favorite holiday...I start decorating after Halloween ( dont judge ) 

                        We also make THE BEST Christmas cards

I am NOT a morning person! 

I think my Husband is the best

My Favorites..

-Pizza  (food) 

-Homemade Bread   (food)

-Blueberry Lemonade Ice tea from Starbucks  (drink)

-Cannoli  (dessert) 

-Holiday Reeses    ( Candy ) 

-F.R.I.E.N.D.S.   (TV show)

-Orange is the New Black .  (TV Show)

-HGTV!   (TV Network) 

-Maine   ( State) 

-Biscuit     (My Cat!) 

-Nikon    (Brand) 

-Anything Disney 

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